Our core focus at Lift Ventures is our Studio, where over the last few years we have refined a unique process for building capital efficient, profitable businesses in large markets. This process spans all stages - from vetting opportunities all the way to scaling a business to millions of users by leveraging a proprietary toolkit of growth strategies.

To date, our businesses have reached over:

  • 250M Total unique visitors
  • 500M Total pageviews

Our portfolio is diverse, but our goals are consistent. Our aim is to launch and scale businesses that have the ability to help millions of users per month solve a specific problem or challenge. Although we do not share performance data, we have an established track record of building successful products in diverse consumer markets. To date, six separate businesses we’ve launched from scratch have passed the 10 million lifetime unique visitor mark.

Our process.

Unlike traditional early-stage investors, we conceptualize, fund, and launch each of our businesses entirely in-house. To increase our chances of success, we follow a repeatable due diligence process that spans market research, competitor analysis, and product strategy.

In the early days of developing a business, our Ventures team employs a lean approach to get the business from concept to MVP. We then transfer the majority of the day to day responsibilities to our Operations team who oversees key functional areas like marketing (especially SEO/SEM) and content creation. Over time, once we validate the long-term growth potential of the business, we begin to hire dedicated team members for the venture with the eventual goal of having a separate team oversee and scale it (with ongoing strategic support from the Ventures team.)


  • JOBHERO (Acquired in 2018 by BOLD)
    Some of the most challenging aspects of the job search process come long before the first application has been submitted. JobHero offers expert-approved resume and cover letter samples covering thousands of job titles, so jobseekers can tailor their applications to their precise role, increasing their chances of getting hired.

Active (Selected).

  • SUPERSUMMARY Students and curious readers alike can gain deeper understanding of fiction and non-fiction books by accessing SuperSummary’s library of comprehensive study guides, written by a team of seasoned educators and advanced degree holders with decades of literary analysis experience.
  • REVIEWLAB Mainstream product comparison sites typically fall short when it comes to offering tailored recommendations that take into account each consumer's unique needs and purchase requirements. ReviewLab’s rigorous product selection and research process ensures our recommendations reflects what consumers are really looking for in the products they buy.
  • TRIPBUZZ When looking for something to do for the day, people often have an idea of what they might, or might not, enjoy doing. TripBuzz takes these unique preferences into account when calculating rankings, so users see the best, most relevant attractions first.
  • SMARTSCHOLAR When applying for scholarships, much of students’ time is spent reading through dense, unstructured application requirements across dozens of sites, to find the scholarships they’re actually eligible for. SmartScholar's proprietary, comprehensive database lets students search for scholarships by requirement, giving them more time to focus on writing a winning application.